Zahras Boutique - exquisite Islamic Muslims Items like Abayas, Shisha, Ehram, Islamic Jewelry and lots more !

Zahras Boutique is service oriented and offers excellent Islamic Products and cheap prices on items like abaya, jewellry, ehram, shisha, shattaf and much more


We offer both retail and wholesale services.  Please contact us at if you wish to buy wholesale (and avail generous discounts on volume purchases) or if you wish to be our reseller.

We also offer the service of drop-shipping to our resellers where you place an order on behalf of your customer and ask us to deliver to your customer's address directly, thereby avoiding duplicated shipping charges and faster turn-arounds.

We believe in long term working relationships and are eager to establish good cooperation and trust with our customers and we go out of our way to ensure your satisfaction is always achieved.  Our prices are very competitive, we carefully source our products and we offer full satisfaction on your purchases.