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Shisha - also called the Water Pipe, Hookah or Hubbly Bubbly has been part of Middle Eastern culture for centuries. Operated by  water filtration and indirect heat to smoke herbal fruits and tobacco, it has a unique culture all to its self.

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Shiska Kits consisting of high quality Hookah , pipes, brush and seals  - everything you need to enjoy the Shisha experience !
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Accessories for your shisha - includes sheesha replacement glass base, hookah seals and goumets, hubbly bubbly brushes and lots more
Shisha pipes for hookah. Many types of pipes for an enjoyable sheesha hubbly bubbly experience
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Shisha charcoal for enjoyable sheesha pleasure, choose from a range of hubbly bubbly water pipe types of charcoal.
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Shisha Tips and FAQ Disposable Shisha Mouth tips for perfect sheesha hygeine - enjoy your hookah in a clean way
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The Shisha is a treat and has a unique, delicious taste and exquisite aroma. It provides the very essence of the Arabic experience - light in taste, pleasant in flavor all in a captivating social setting.  It is said that regular users of shisha would rather be deprived of their dinner than their shisha ! Nowadays, shisha-smoking is a seemingly unbreakable social habit that is growing in popularity, all over the world. especially in Europe and North America where is is a much needed way to relax and unwind, in an otherwise stressful and hectic lifestyle.

We provide all items needed to enjoy the Shisha: a complete kit, charcoal, accessories and of course a wide variety of fresh and delicious herbal fruit tobacco.